Saturday, January 30, 2010

Article on former Keystone Cop Robert Cox

Cheryl Lanning and Lon Davis interviewed and wrote an article on Robert Cox--one of the men who claimed status as "last of the Keystone Cops" in the 1970's--before he died in 1974. Cox lived in Phoenix, and the article originally appeared in Arizona magazine.

Cheryl and Lon have updated the article, and it is now posted on Silents Are Golden. It's a valuable peek into the life of a person who worked in and around the early motion picture industry.

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  1. Nice Brent, thanks for posting our friend Lon's article, I enjoyed it.
    Reminds me when I searched and found Hal Haig Prieste here in Philly, 1986. Our mutual friend Michael Campino also knew Hal. Mr. Cox sounded like a gentleman, whereas Mr. Prieste was a real character! LOL